Inability to acquire a publicly-accessible IP address is no longer a problem!


State-of-the-art Simplicity

The MVG400 is SerVision’s flagship mobile DVR/streaming solution for full size vehicles. It has been widely deployed in the public transportation sector, and continues to be the preferred solution for police departments and companies responsible for the transport of high-value asset. The MVG400’s constantly evolving feature set, including geo-fencing, route deviation and speed alerts, gives fleet managers increasingly greater oversight of drivers, passengers, vehicles and the goods they are carrying.



Award-winning features

The MVG400 can support connectivity with up to four cameras but it’s also possible to network two units together inside large vehicles so that eight cameras are remotely accessible from one shared cellular uplink. The MVG400 comes in a ruggedized chassis, and has built-in GPS, bi-directional audio support, and a removable HDD, as well as internal WiFi which can be used to wirelessly backup video or to create a mobile hotspot for onboard passengers. Additional LAN ports on the MVG400 enables multiple third party IP-based devices to share a single cellular connection.



Proven Technology and Reliability

The MVG400 has been deployed on thousands of public buses, waste management vehicles, police cars, trains, ambulances, and trucks, as well as on armored vehicles carry cash, tobacco, and other high value assets. It’s live streaming performance across any type of cellular infrastructure, including 2G networks, make it an ideal solution for a large range of mission-critical and public transportation safety applications.