Compact and Lightweight Mobile Video Solution


Simple. Compact. Multi-functional.

The CVG-M is a light weight, Mobile DVR/Video Gateway, with small dimensions and minimal power consumption. It is an ideal choice for securing small vehicles or sites that require up to two video cameras. Optimized for providing high-quality live/recorded video streams over cellular or cabled ???networks, the CVG-M is a highly compact device with a minimalist and unique form factor.


Rapidly deployable and easy-to-use

The CVG-M is a fully-integrated video transmitter/recorder which includes low-bitrate, high quality video transmission and MicroSD recording. It includes a built-in 3G HSPA modem, an internal GPS receiver, and an integrated G-Force sensor (accelerometer). Built-in bi-directional audio support enables remote users to communicate with on-site personnel, and a single sensor and activator can be connected to the unit for expanded event detection and handling.


A Perfect Fit For Any Application

The CVG-M is a highly cost-effective solution that is ideal for small vehicles (police patrol cars, small vans, taxis, motorcycles) and remote sites (ATM machines, parking lots, traffic junctions, utility sites, and other isolated locations). It can even be used for wearable/body-worn CCTV applications. The CVG-M has been deployed in thousands of vehicles and at sites around the world.


  • 2-ch video inputs, 1-ch audio input
  • Proprietary/patented video compression technology, ideal for transmitting live video over cellular/wireless connections
  • Built-in quad-band 3G HSPA GSM module
  • GPS Receiver, G-Force (accelerometer, optional)
  • Geofencing, Speed Limit, Idle Monitoring and Route Deviation
  • D1/CIF/QCIF recording up to 30FPS
  • 1-input sensor; 1-output activator
  • Data rate: variable 5kbps to 2Mbps per channel
  • Bi-directional audio support; built-in speaker
  • MicroSD Recording (4-64GB); event-driven or continuous
  • Ignition-sensitive delayed system shutdown
  • Power input: 9-36V; Max. power consumption: 9W
  • Operating temperature: 0C – 60C; 32F – 140F
  • Dimensions: 115(W)x110(D)x47(H) mm; 4.52”x4.33”x1.85”
  • Weight: 340 gr; 11.2 oz